From concept to completion

Thapas Energy is a leading solar integrator established in 2010. We are a dynamically growing company with management and staff who have been successfully accelerating to the technological and commercial evolution of solar industry for many years. More than 3.4 Megawatts of installed solar power plants in India provide testament to our experience.

Thapas Energy’s flexible team of photovoltaic specialists, expert analysts and renowned system installers offers all services relating to the installation and profitable operation of solar power plants of various capacities.

We are specialised in these solar business fields and with a belief in absolute reliability, top quality and the long-term success of renewable energies, we are looking to set new standards in the solar industry.


Solar Investment decisions made easier with our expertise.

Project Viability

Feasibility Report for Investment

We help our customers to understand the economical and technical viability of solar projects by introducing detailed concept stage study of solar power plant which make sense to them to invest in Solar. We focus on implementing solar plants that are capable of delivering better returns on our both industrial and commercial customer investments. We provide tailor made solutions for each customers. Thapas Energy extent our services to the customers in house team to prepare and present ideal financial and technical viability report to the company management.


Solar Power Plant Construction

Once an investment mandate is cleared, we start our detailed survey, complete detailed design and engineering and starts our process for approvals and permits. A detailed report on the plant's structure, safety, technical features, security and overall appearance are done before start of the construction and final execution of solar PV power plant. Following the customer approval, we move on to the construction of the solar power plant. We ensure that the plant is constructed according to the customer’s requirements. Project timelines and performance are sacrosanct so you can be assured of timely delivery with complete support when it comes to various licensing, permissions and guidance throughout the process.

Operation and Maintenance

Ensuring flawless performance

Our operations and maintenance service includes monitoring the system operations, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance of the plant and providing quick solutions. Regular preventive maintenance and system upgrades helps to increase the performance of solar power plant. We provide a customized O&M package tailored to each client’s needs.