THAPAS ENERGY is extremely proud to announce  our prestigious project ISRO PROPULSION COMPLEX, Mahendragiri. ISRO is personal pride of every Indian and being a part of it or being able to contribute to such a prestigious organization is  dream come true for every one in Thapas Energy. Thapas Energy shall install and commission solar photovoltaic plants on  all the 11 buildings in the campus.

THAPAS ENERGY is a leading solar integrator established in 2010. We are a dynamically growing company with management and staff who have been successfully accelerating to the technological and commercial evolution of solar industry for many years.

ISRO PROPULSION COMPLEX (IPRC) formerly Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, Mahendragiri (LPSC-M), is located near Kanyakumari at Mahendragiri Hills, TirunelveliDistrict, Tamil Nadu. It is the major testing hub of ISRO’s liquid propulsion systems. ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC), Mahendragiri is equipped with state-of-the-art- facilities necessary for realising the cutting edge technology products for ISRO space research program. Formerly, IPRC was known as LPSC, Mahendragiri and taking cognizance of the future growth of the space program of our nation and the concomitant expansion at Mahendragiri, it was elevated as IPRC